D is for Deans Court

Deans CourtMore student accommodation today, but  Deans Court is historically and stylistically as far from Albany Park as it possibly could be, and although the two are quite close geographically, I might easily have left university without even knowing of its existence.

You can read elsewhere about the long history of this very ancient building, but since its acquisition by the university, it has been a residence exclusively for post-graduate students, a group with whom I had very little contact until my final year, when this exotic species (a high percentage of Deans Court residents were international students, and as I recall all of them were male) somehow turned up on our radar. Even better, they were able to invite occasional guests to the legendary meals, and if the dining room had a monastic feel, the food most definitely did not.  Tucked in close to the cathedral ruins, this was a hidden gem, miles away from our feeble attempts at self-catering.

Deans Court dining room

Dining, but not as we knew it

I see that it’s still ‘catered accommodation’ throughout the year. It can’t be the same chef, but I hope the new one is keeping up those standards!

(Photos from Wikipedia Commons)

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2 Responses to D is for Deans Court

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  2. mitchell says:

    I hated Deans Court!

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